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Light Stands

The LS226-1 (812283) is a heavy duty, air cushioned stand with an extended height range of 12 feet 9 inches and a large base. Ideal for use with monolights, lampheads with softboxes and other large light modifiers and as a background support,

The LS230-1 (812290) Boom Arm uses an included clamp for mounting to a section post of the heavy-duty LS226-1 or similar light stand. An adjustable counter balance weight allows lampheads to be positioned directly over the subject. Fully extended, the overall length of the LS230-1 Boom Arm is 6'8".

The LS224-1 (812276) is a compact, general purpose stand for studio and location photography. It is air cushioned for smooth, safe height adjustments. Can be extended to a maximum height of 9 feet 5 inches.

The LS222-1 (812255) is a lightweight, compact stand that travels well. It includes air cushioned sections that prevent a sudden drop that could damage lampheads. Maximum height is 7`6".

The LS220-1 (812248) is a versatile background stand that allows the light to be positioned in a range from 5 inches to 2 feet 4 inches. Removing the stand post allows the lamphead to be mounted directly on the legs, just 2 inches off the floor.

Note: All Norman stands are equipped with 5/8 inch mounting posts.

Specifications LS220-1 LS222-1 LS224-1 LS226-1
Minimum Height
Maximum Height
Folded Length
Spread Diameter
*5 1/4"
2' 4"
1' 2 1/4"
1' 9"
2lb 14oz
2' 7"
7' 6"
2' 2"
2' 11 "
2lb 6oz
3' 5"
9' 5"
2' 10"
3' 4"
3lb 1 oz
4' 5"
12' 9"
4' 1"
3' 7"
4lb 12oz
*Minimum height for the LS220-1 is 2 inches with stand post removed.
Stand Accessories
WH-2-1 (812759)
Is a set of three wheels that can be added to Norman LS226-1 Light Stands. This rugged set rolls smoothly on carpet or hard surface floors.
R4108 (812857)
Umbrella Stand Adapter mounts Norman battery portable or other lampheads to a light stand. Locking teeth adjustment allows a wide range of angle settings.
R4130 (812409)
Umbrella Stand Adapter with friction float adjustment can be used to mount our battery portable or other lampheads to a light stand, using the 1/4" x 20 threaded hole in the base of the lamphead.
Some Norman Lampheads use an insert that allows them to be used on a variety of light stands. Replacement Inserts are available for mounting on 3/8" (811779), 1/2" (811744) and 5/8" (811793) stand tops.
AA66K adapter AA65A adapter AC74C AC74A
AA66K Adapter (904851)
Converts 5/8 male to 3/8 male.
(1-1/ 2 deep)
AA65A Adapter (904764)
Converts 5/8" male to 1/2" male.
(1-1/ 2 " deep)
AA74C (905210)
Stand Clamp with Ratchet Handle.

AC74A (956035)
12" Extension rod with 1/2" and 3/8"
adapters. For use with AC74C.