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   Series 900
IL2500 Illuminator


The IL2500 Illuminator is the ultimate Lamphead for all Series 900 Norman Power Supplies

Compact and rugged, it is a good choice for all studio applications and its small size makes it an even better choice for location assignments. Weighing only two pounds, the IL2500 (810614) with the R9110 (812514) Flashtube Cover installed measures just 5" wide, 7" high and 7" deep.

Each IL2500 includes the basic lamphead with stand adapter and built-in blower, 20' quick disconnect cable, FQ5 (812849) UV filtered Flashtube balanced for 5,500° Kelvin, 250 watt modeling lamp and a R9112 (810908) Reflector RIng for use with standard Norman "type-1" reflectors and light modifiers.

Additional Features Include:
- Rated at 2500 w-s to handle full power from the D24 Power Supply
- Built-in blower is a standard part of this compact Lamphead
- Compatible with all Norman "type-1" and "type-2" reflectors and light modifiers
- Made of high-impact, 400° rated GE Ultem™
- High Intensity 250 watt modeling lamp with switch
  located for easy access
- Lamphead and 20' cable include heavy-duty arc resistant pins
- Includes friction float stand adapter with built-in umbrella mount


The IL2500 cable can be disconnected from the lamphead for compact travel and storage. The unique Snap-Lock Connector uses spring-loaded balls for a secure fit.

The blower housing can rest upright on the floor without a stand. The contoured intake prevents airflow from being blocked in this position.

The IL2500 Lamphead can be used with all standard Norman spring pin mount reflectors, as well as "type-2" reflectors with the precision mounting system and push button release.

Contoured housing allows IL2500 to be aimed straight up when mounted on a stand. Also serves as a carrying handle, which saves nearly 1.5" in overall length.

The R9110 Flashtube Cover provides protection when traveling. Securely mounts to lamphead using "type-2" connection.

LH2400 Lamphead

The LH2400 (810623) Lamphead has been a significant part of the Norman line-up for many years. It can be used with any series 900 Power Supply, including the current D12 and D24. This reliable head includes a flashtube rated at 2500 w-s, 150 watt modeling lamp, 20' cable and friction float stand adapter.

The LH2400B includes the R9124 (812521) Blower for use with light modifiers that restrict airflow, such as a softbox, grid, diffusion dome, filters and gels.

LH 2400
LH2000 Lamphead

A lamphead in a metal housing, the LH2000 (810620) is compatible with all Series 900 power supplies. It can be used with standard Norman reflectors and light modifiers, including the entire line of softboxes. Each LH2000 includes a flashtube rated at 2,500 w-s, 150 watt modeling lamp, 20' cable and locking teeth style umbrella stand adapter.

In situations where a light modifier is used that might restrict airflow around the modeling lamp and flashtube, the optional R9114 (810914) constant-speed blower is recommended.
LH 2400
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