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   Series 900
  Lamphead Accessories
Lamphead Accessories  
R9124 (812521)
Constant-speed Blower for LH500 & LH2400 Lampheads
R9114 (810914)
Constant-speed Blower for LH2000 Lamphead
R9109 (810599)
Flashtube Cover for standard Norman Lamphead
R9110 (812514)
Flashtube Cover for IL2500 Lamphead
R9111 (810677)
Reflector Cover for all Norman 5" reflectors
R9112 (810908)
Adapter for using standard Reflectors on IL2500 Lamphead
R9113 (810911)
Adapter for standard Norman Reflectors on ML400 & ML600
R5009 (810905)
Adapter for standard Norman Reflectors on DP320 Monolight
  Professional lighting systems and accessories