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   Series 500
LH500 Lamphead LH500
Made of high impact fiberglass resin, the LH500 Lamphead will not dent, crack or scratch. It includes a 150-watt modeling lamp, 600 watt-second flashtube, 20' cable and Friction Float Stand Adapter.

The LH500 is compatible with all Series 500 power supplies, including the P808m and P808m/TLC . It can be used with all standard Norman reflectors and light modifiers.

The LH500B is the LH500 Lamphead with a constant-speed blower. This version is recommended when using any light modifiers that restrict airflow.

When using the P808m at 800 watt-seconds the LH500+ (810789) Lamphead is required. When airflow is restricted by a light modifier, the LH500B+ (812234) with a constant-speed blower is also available.

LH52 Lamphead LH52
The compact LH52 Lamphead is available for use with all Series 500 Power Supplies as well as the 400B Battery Portable. It includes a 20' cable, 400 watt-second Flashtube and 115 VAC outlet on the side to power the modeling lamp in the 2Q Reflector. It is also compatible with the 2D and 2D-RP battery portable style reflectors and related light modifiers.

A metal 1/4" x 20 threaded mount is on the bottom of the lamphead for attaching it directly to a camera bracket, or for use on a light stand using the R4130 Stand Adapter. A sync outlet for standard two blade sync cables is located on the side of the lamphead.


  Professional lighting systems and accessories