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   Studio Reflectors & Related Accessories
  ML400 & ML600 Light Modifiers

ML400 and ML600 Light Modifiers

G7-1/2-40 (812164)
G7-1/2-30 (812157)
G7-1/2-15 (812155)

Although the ML400 and ML600 family of Monolights are compatible with all standard Norman reflectors and light modifiers, there are several items that were designed exclusively for use with this series of Monolights.

Umbrella Reflector and Grids
The 7H is a general purpose umbrella reflector that is supplied with each Norman ML400 or ML600 Monolight. Several grids are available for use with the 7H that were designed to clip directly to the reflector rim. These honeycomb grids are available in 15, 30 and 40 degree coverage angles. All three are available as a GS7-1/2 Grid Set.

Background Reflectors
The 7BR is a compact Background Reflector that attaches directly to Norman ML400 and ML600 series Monolights. This low-profile device can be rotated to accurately position the projected light pattern on the background.

The 7BRS is configured the same as the 7BR, but it includes a slot that is opposite the main opening. When used as a background reflector, some of the flash is directed back at the subject as an accent light.

Monolight Adapter for All Standard Norman Reflectors and Modifiers

The R9113 (810911) adapter ring makes it possible to use every standard Norman reflector and light modifer. On the ML400 and ML600 monolights this includes parabolic reflectors from 5 inches to 22 inches in diameter, background reflectors, snoots, barndoors, grids, and filter holders.