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   Monolights and Monolight Kits
  ML400 & ML600 Monolights

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ML400 & ML600 Monolights

Compact and powerful, these systems can handle everything from the most demanding studio assignments to high volume portrait and school photography.

These versatile systems combine Norman durability with the versatility of today's advanced electronics. The controls on Norman 400 and 600 watt-second Monolights allow power adjustments in either watt-seconds or f/stops from full power. A digital readout displays accurate, repeatable settings through a five f/stop range in 1/10-stop increments.

Additional Features:
- Compact size and weight
-Compatible with over 100 Norman accessories and light modifiers including softboxes, reflectors, grids, snoots and barn doors
- Fast, two second recycle time at full power
- Accepts Photogenic® Reflectors
- Optional software for complete control from  your PC
- High-intensity modeling lamp with full, ratio and off settings
- Built-in cooling fan and over temperature protection
- Auto discharge for lower settings and power off
- Photo eye, 1/4" sync jack and optional PocketWizard™ Radio Receiver
- Lockable setting option prevents pre-established values from being changed
- Umbrella stand adapter, compatible with 3/8 through 5/8 stand posts
- Full two year limited parts and labor warranty from date of purchase
- Independent safety approvals including ETL, CETL and FCC

- Monolight
- Flashtube
- Modeling Lamp
- 7-inch Umbrella Reflector
- Protective Flashtube Cover
- 15' Power Cord
- Sync Cord
- R9113 Adapter Ring for use with
 standard Norman Light Modifiers


Link to Control Panel
Link to Control Panel
PocketWizard ReceieversNorman ML400R and ML600R models include built-in PocketWizard™ receivers
Norman Monolights are also available with built-in PocketWizard™ radio receivers. This unique feature allows the use of multiple lights in the studio or on location without the hassle of sync cords, and it eliminates the risk of inadvertent tripping of your lights from other strobes in the area. The built-in PocketWizard™ receiver can be set to operate from any channel selected on a compatible PocketWizard™ transmitter.

Having the PocketWizard™ receiver built into the ML400R and ML600R eliminates the need to carry and keep track of a separate receiver module and compatible cable. Best of all, the built-in unit is powered directly from the monolight, eliminating the need for batteries.
Monolight Communication Software:
WIth the Communication Software Kit, a PC can now be used to run the Norman Monolights in your studio. Complete control of every function is available, with an on-screen display that is laid out to look like the control panel of the Norman ML400/ML600 series Monolights. Multiple unites can be displayed and controlled, each with a unique on-screen position and name that relates to your set-up.
Each kit includes software and a 25' cable to connect the first monolight. Additional cables are available for using your PC to control multiple monolights in your studio.
Monolight Communication Software
ML400 and ML600 Control Panels
  1. CONTROL SWITCHES: Set power level in 1/10 stop
    increments. Also select display mode in f/stops or watt-seconds.
  2. DIGITAL DISPLAY: Shows selected power level in either
    f/stops or watt-seconds from full power.
  3. SYNC OUTLET: A sync cable connects to this
    outlet for direct tripping from camera.
  4. POWER SWITCH: Switches AC power. Internal
    memory retains settings.
  5. RADIO RECEIVER: The optional built-in
    PocketWizard™ receiver triggers the flash from
    remote transmitter.
  6. PHOTO EYE: Permits remote triggering from
    another flash unit, without the need for a sync
  7. MODELING LAMP CONTROL: Selects off, full
    or ratio. In ratio mode the lamp tracks with flash
    power setting.
  8. TEST BUTTON: Manually triggers the flash.
  9. FLASH VERIFICATION: When selected, the
    modeling lamp switches on and off to confirm the
    unit has flashed.
  10. READY LIGHT: Illuminates when unit is fully
    charged and ready to be triggered..
ml400 & ml 600

ML400-220/ ML400R-220

ML600 /ML600
ML600-220 /ML600R-220R

Power 400 W-S 600 W-S
Power Control Full to -5 f/stops Full to -5 f/stops
Recycle Time at Full Power 1.9 seconds 2 seconds
Flash Duration 1/1200 second (full) 1/1200 second (full)
Guide Number* 100 @10', ISO100, bare bulb 135 @10', ISO 100, bare bulb
Modeling Lamp 150W (250W max) 250 W
Modeling Lamp Control Off, ratio and full Off, ratio and full
Flashtube Quartz, full envelope Quartz, full envelope
Sync Trigger Photo-eye, 1/4" sync jack Photo-eye, 1/4" sync jack
Optional Sync Trigger Built-in PocketWizard™ Built-in PocketWizard™
Sync Voltage 6VDC 6VDC
Supply Voltage 105-125 VAC, 60HZ, ML400/ML400R
195-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, ML400-220/ML400R-220
105-125 VAC, 60HZ, ML400/ML600R
195-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, ML400-220/ML600R-220
Consumption 7A 10A
Voltage Stabilization +/- 1% +/- 1%
Overload Protection 7A circuit breaker 10A circuit breaker
Weight 4.9 pounds 6.1 pounds
Dimensions 5" W, 5" H, 6.5” D 5" W, 5" H, 8.5" D

*The guide number stated was determined by measuring the bare bulb at 10 feet using ISO 100.
See individual reflectors in this catalog for guide numbers using specific light modifiers at various power settings.

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