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   Accessories & Supplies
  Flashtubes & Modeling Lamps
Current Norman Flashtubes are UV coated, and produce a color temperature of approximately 5500 degrees Kelvin.
FQ8 FQ3 FT6 FT16
FQ8 (812066) 600 w-s for ML600 and ML400 Monolight FQ3 (828158) 2500 w-s for LH2000 and LH2400 FT6 (812070) 600 w-s for LH500 Lamphead FT16 (812073) 1200 w-s for LH500+ Lamphead
FQ5 FQ4 FT17 FT120
FQ5 (812849) 2500 w-s for Illuminator, includes R4112 Reflector Ring FQ4 (828161) 5000 w-s for LH4000 Lamphead FT17 (812080) 1200 w-s for M600 and M1200 Monolight Series FT120 (810920) 250 w-s for LH2 and LH4 Lamphead Series
FT400 FQ20 FT320  
FT400 (812822) 400 w-s for LH52 and LH54 Lamphead Series FQ20 (828155) 2000 w-s for TL2000 Tri-Lite and FS10 Fresnel Spotlight FT320 (812087) 320 w-s for DP320 Monolight  
Modeling Lamps
Replacement Modeling Lamps are available for current and most discontinued Norman lampheads and monolights.
Q150CL/DC Q250CL/DC QL350 QL650
Q150CL/DC (812367) 150W for LH500, LH2000, LH2400, ML600 and ML400 Q250CL/DC (812374) 250W for IL2500, FS6, FS10, LH500, LH2000, ML600 and ML400 QL350 (810923) 350W Quartz for C1000 Constant Light QL650 (810926) 650W Quartz for C1000 Constant Light
25T8DC BRL    
25T8DC (811758) 25W for LH4 Lamphead and R4109 Snoot BRL 50W (811961) Quartz for Battery Portable Lampheads