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  Allure C1000 Constant Light

Allure C1000 Constant Light

Allure C1000 Constant Light

The Norman Allure C1000 (811968) is ideally suited for video, still photography and digital imaging. The unique dual quartz lamp configuration allows 350, 650 and 1000 watt output while maintaining a constant color temperature.

Weighing only three pounds, the compact Allure C1000 is easy to handle, making it well suited for location work.

A built-in cooling fan provides ventilation and helps to maintain a proper operating temperature. For safety, the C1000 includes an internal thermal switch and fused circuit protection.

The stand adapter includes a locking swivel adjustment and umbrella holder. It can be used on light stands with 3/8 through 5/8 inch mounting posts.

Power Control
Power Control
Separate switches control each lamp, allowing them to be on individually or at the same time. Color temperature remains constant because lamp output voltage is not changed.
- Lamphead
- 5" Reflector
- Diffusion Dome
- Protective Cover
- Power Cord

*Note: Lamps are not included and must be ordered separately.
C1000 Components
C1000 Specifications
Rated Power 1000 Watts
Power Output Control 350W, 650W or 1000W
Color Temperature 3200 K
Angle of Illumination 60 degrees
Power 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Housing Dimensions 4.8" W, 4.8" H, 6.5"L
Weight 3 pounds
Lamp Set Barn Door HTSB24 softbox
Lamp Set Barn Door HTSB24 Softbox

Replacement lamps are available individually or as a SQ1000 (810510) Lamp Set, that includes one 350 watt QL350 (810923) and one 650 watt QL650 (810926) lamp.


The optional BDAL (811940) Barn Door makes it easy to control the light. Without the wings, the BDAL is a Speed Ring Adapter that can be used with a variety of high-temperature softboxes.


The HTSB24 (812192) 24x24 inch high temperature softbox is available for use exclusively with the C1000 Constant Light. This model is not compatible with the SRA series Speed Ring Adapters and must be purchased with the BDAL Barn Door/Speed Ring Adapter.

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