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   Product Listing
  Battery Portable Systems
Complete Kits Reflectors & Light Modifiers
Complete Kits
Everything you need to get started in one kit, including the Power Supply, Shoulder Strap, Lamphead, Charger, Battery and Cables.
Reflectors & Light Modifiers
A variety of Reflectors, Grids, Barn Door, Gel Holders and even Softboxes can be used on Norman Battery Portable lampheads.
Individual Components & Accessories Chargers, Batteries & Cables
Individual Components & Accessories
All Battery portable components including Power Supplies Lampheads, Stand Adapters and more are available individually to round out your system.
Chargers, Batteries & Cables
The new Super Charger, replacement batteries and a wide assortment of charger cables are available for 200B, 200C and 400B systems.