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   Battery Portable Systems
  Battery Portable Reflectors






The 2D is a 5" general-purpose reflector with a textured semi-gloss surface that produces that distinctive quality of light only found on Norman portable systems. Compatible with all 5" reflector mounted light modifiers. The 2D-ML is the same great 2D reflector with a 50 watt 12 volt modeling lamp that plugs directly into the side of the LH2K-ML and LH52K-ML Lampheads. It works great as a focusing aid or to see reflections and shadows. Similar to the 2D, the 2D-RP has a flat white surface and a diffusion dome that provides soft, even lighting that is perfect for brides and other portraiture. Also available as a 2DRP-ML with a 50 watt modeling lamp. The 6" umbrella reflector converts 200C or 400B into a studio system. Includes 150 watt quartz modeling lamp that attaches to 115-volt AC outlet on LH2 and LH52 or directly to wall outlet with R4153 cable. The 8" telephoto reflector projects narrow beam of highly efficient light that is 4 1/2 stops faster than standard 2D reflector! Used with long lenses for sports. racing, wildlife and other applications where you can not get close to the subjects.
Light Output in f/stops (ISO 100 @ 10 feet)
50 w-s 100 w-s 200 w-s         400 w-s
Reflector Coverage f/stop GN f/stop GN f/stop GN f/stop GN
2D 60° 5.65 68 85 95 115 135 165 190
2D-RP 90° 4 40 5.6 60 8 80 88 104
2Q 60° 5.65 68
85 95 115 135 165 178
2H 20° 32 320 45 450 64 640 648 848