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   Studio Reflectors & Related Accessories
  5 inch Reflector System
The 5DL is our best umbrella reflector. The compact 5" diameter makes it great for location work, and the 130 degree coverage is nice for lighting backgrounds. Incorporating the RP-1 Diffusion Dome, the 5DL-RP softens the light and integrates the flashtube and modeling lamp for accurate previewing. This is especially important when using barn doors, grids and snoots.
A variety of light modifiers are available for use with Norman 5" Reflectors
The GH5 Grid Holder snaps onto the reflector rim allowing a variety of Grids to be quickly installed and removed. Ideal for hair and accent lighting, Norman offers 1/2 inch thick Grids in 15, 30 and 40 degree coverage.
GH5 Grid holder
With G5-1/2-15 Grid (812129)
With G5-1/2-30 Grid (812136)
With G5-1/2-40 Grid (812143)
The Norman FFH5 Filter Frame Holder mounts on the outside of the reflector rim. This allows quick exchange of filters mounted in the FF5 Filter Frame, for precise control and dramatic effects. Norman also offers sets of high temperature color gel, neutral density and diffusion filters.
FFH5 Filter Frame Holder
With FF5 Filter Frame
The four wing BD45 Barn Door can be mounted on the outside of the 5DL Reflector rim to feather and control the direction of light. It can be rotated to easily shield light from backgrounds and prevent lens flare. This Barn Door also has a built-in holder for the FF5 Filter Frame.
BD45 Barn Door
With FF5 Filter Frame
The square 15 degree G45 Grid can be attached to the rim of the 5DL Reflector for use as a hair or accent lights. Its unique design also includes a drop in slot behind the grid for adding color gels, neutral density or diffusion using the FF5 Filter Frame.
G45 Grid
With FF5 Filter Frame
5DL Light Output (ISO 100 @ 10 feet)
Watt-seconds 100 200 400 800 1200 1600 2000 2400 4800
f/stop 45 5.65 85 115 16 165 168 22 229
Guide Number 48 68 95 135 160 190 210 220 310
Grids 7.5° grid (-1 stop), 15° grid (-1 stop), 30° grid (-7/10 stop), 40° grid (-6/10 stop)  
RP-1 diffusion dome will reduce light by 3/10 stop